Goals and Objectives




The Education Department of the College of Education, USPF envisions to produce quality, competent and skillful graduates with appropriate motivations and value-orientations as future teachers thoroughly trained for the academic and professional responsibilities in the elementary (BEED) and secondary (BSED) levels of education to meet the needs of the local community and the challenges of globalization.

Moreover, the Education Department is committed to deliver quality instruction, to provide opportunities for productive research and encourage active involvement in relevant community outreach projects designed to develop fulfilled individuals who could be effective agents of positive social change in his community.


Goal I. Accessible Excellent Education

 To develop proficiency in the utilization of information and communication technology in keeping with the demands of the fast-changing times.
 To create a learning environment which enhances the analytical thinking and creativity of the students.
 To maintain professional academic standards through accreditation in programs offered.

Goal II. Relevant Research Programs

To develop among education students the culture of research by undertaking quality and timely researches.
To cultivate academic researches that contribute to the improvement of functional knowledge.
To upgrade students’ level of awareness and understanding in the participation and creation of researches relevant in today’s education.

Goal III. Needs-Based Community Extension Programs

 To use community collaborations and community participation to promote a shared sense of social responsibility.
 To provide social activities and experiences in the surrounding communities.
 To initiate community extension programs that would develop the holistic development of individuals and the target community.

Goal IV. Production and Linkages

 To produce competent graduates thoroughly trained for academic and professional responsibilities.
 To produce graduates who can demonstrate skills and competence in their specialized fields.
 To strengthen and sustain linkages with other TEI’s and professional organizations for intellectual interactions and faculty updates.


The course in SPECIAL EDUCATION (SpEd) in the Education Department of the College of Education adheres to the basic philosophy of Special Education, locally, nationally and globally, in keeping with the premise that in a democracy, every individual is valuable in his own right and should be afforded equal opportunities to develop his full potentials. Every child, including those with disabilities, impairments and exceptionalities should be given equal educational opportunities within the nation’s educational system and provided with educational experiences based on the child’s unique needs.


Goal I. Accessible Excellent Education

 To provide a special type of education or teacher training tailored to equip future teachers with functional knowledge on special education.
 To acquire background knowledge and skills on assessment procedures, early intervention, instructional materials and processes and management of children with special needs.
 To develop the necessary skills and competencies and right aptitudes and attitude to prepare future teachers to meet the needs of special children with exceptionalities.

Goal II. Quality and Relevant Research Programs

 To expose students to writing quality and relevant researches that would promote improvements in any institution’s program and instruction for special education.
 To establish a strong linkage with other special education centers or schools through research endeavors.

Goal III. Responsive and Sustainable Community Services

 To involve students in community outreach programs for indigent special children to fully understand their situation and acquire knowledge in handling their students’ special needs professionally and with social responsibility.
 To disseminate special education in communities for them to be fully aware of the importance of educating the children with special needs (CSN) and the persons with disabilities (PWD’s).

Goal IV. Production and Linkages

 To produce graduates who can handle SpEd classes competently to meet the standards and educational requirements that ensure employability locally and globally.
 To produce, devise instructional materials in teaching learners with special needs and utilizing educational, assistive technology.
 To strengthen and sustain linkages with related professional organizations, NGO’s, SpEd Centers and with other SpEd advocates.


The Physical Education (PE) Department of the College of Education (CoEd) in University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) commits itself to the actualization of the fundamental concept that Physical Education is education of, by, and through human movement and it seeks to contribute to the promotion of the total growth and optimum development of an individual.

Likewise, the PE Department is committed to the dynamic implementation of the nation’s competency-based Physical Education Program as well as the Guidelines of the PE Instructional Program and its evaluation.


Goal I. Physical Development

 To develop and maintain a suitable level of physical fitness through carefully planned and selected progression activities tailored to meet sufficiently the physical demands on the young learners’ growth years.
 To give students the skills they need to be able to enjoy different physical activities.
 To promote the development of a healthy lifestyle.

Goal II. Mental Development

 To develop the mental capacities of the child, while he participates in Physical Education (PE) activities, as he learns the mechanical principles underlying movement, while he acquires knowledge and understanding of rules and strategies of games and sports.
 To discover ways of improving one’s movements in movement exploration, self-testing activities and dances.
 To help understand the importance of regular exercise and the connection between health and general physical well-being.

Goal III. Social Development

 To provide opportunities for the development of desirable social traits such as friendliness, cooperation, respect for the rights of others and good sportsmanship.
 To develop and nurture good leadership and followership and honesty in group competitions.

Goal IV. Emotional Development

 To offer avenues or opportunities for self-expression and emotional mastery such as self-confidence, self-control, self-reliance, courage and determination during the informal nature of physical education activities.
 To develop humility in victory and gracious acceptance of one’s defeat in sports competitions.

Goal V. Recreational Development

 To provide the students the tools for his leisure-time activities through the acquisition of a variety of useful physical skills.
 To encourage creative use of students’ leisure time through physical activities.