Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

The Student Affairs Office founded on University of Southern Philippines Foundation’s Vision, envision itself to proactively cooperate in assisting the individual students in the attainment of his full potentiality with services and programs that complement USPF’s Academic Program.
In the light of the University’s vision, we commit ourselves to create quality and relevant student programs and services which are fully availed of by individual students to help them attain their self-realization and to become effective in their social environment.  Thus, they can greatly contribute to the betterment of the human condition.
The Student Affairs Office directs the non-academic aspects of the student life in the university and coordinates with the school community in matters affecting these aspects pursuant to the mission statement of the University under the following goals.
1. To initiate and coordinate specific programs and services for the students and social development;
2. To provide opportunities for the students’ active involvement in the life and activities of the school as well as of the wider community especially in promoting the culture of peace and responsible leadership;
3. To provide relevant researcher for the benefit of the students and the academic community;
4. To actively participate in responding to the needs of the community outreach programs in promoting sustainability, peace, and environmental protection;
5. To promote the mode of conduct necessary for the school community leading to an acceptance of, the institutional goals and a positive response to them.