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The Guidance and Testing Services Center complements the instructional program of the University. To implement the goals of education and the Vision-Mission of the University, the following guidance services are available:


Counseling is the heart of the Guidance Program. This is a goal-oriented relationship between a professionally trained, competent counselor and an individual seeking help for the purpose of bringing about a meaningful awareness and understanding of the self and the environment, improve planning and decision making, and formulating new ways of behaving, feeling, and thinking for problem resolution and/or development growth.


The Guidance and Testing Services Center consultation service is made available to students and parents.

Individual Inventory Service

The Guidance and Testing Services Center collects, evaluates, and interprets data to identify the characteristics and potential of every client. A well-rounded picture of each client is a goodreference in creating effective programs for specific needs.

Information Service

The Guidance and Testing Services Center provides personal-social information that will help clients develop their personal and social life; educational-academic information that will help them select the proper academic setting and program, knowing the requirements and the opportunities available; and vocational-occupational information that will help them learn about the world of work and careers and make appropriate decisions related to the future.

Preventation and Wellness

    • A. Preventation. This is one of the goals of Guidance and Counseling and the basis for many of the services and activities offered by the Guidance Program. This program is developed by identifying the needs of the group.
    • B. Wellness. This service promotes lifestyle change for healthy living. This is needs-based and can be given in the form of a seminar or information dissemination.


The referral services may be internal or external.
    • Internal Referral. Internal referral service is taken by persons within the institution who see that a person needs counselor assistance. The referral may be done by teachers, administrators, parents, and other students.
    • External Referral. This is a referral service done by the counselor when the client can benefit more through other professionals. This is with the consent of the parent/s or the guardian. These professionals may be medical doctors (psychiatrists, developmental pediatricians, etc.), dentists, therapists, and clinical psychologists.
The following circumstances may need a referral:
    • A. When the counselor deems that he/she cannot be objective with the client.
    • B. The client thinks he/she cannot work with the counselor.
    • C. Non-professional relationship has developed between client and counselor.
    • D. The needed attention/service is beyond the competency of the counselor.
    • E. The counselor is no longer available.
    • F. Specialized attention is needed by the client.

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